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A Crying Shame!!

Some of you may cry when you see this one. A buddy of mine found this site and sent it to me. This web site features cars in barns, fields, junk yards and front lawns. There are 1000's of them. I spent 2 hours going thru this site and I didn't even get half way thru it. The site is broken down into 3 catagories. Mopar, Chevy and Ford. The sad thing is most of these are not for sale. The name of the web site is   Rotting American Muscle - Cars In Barns

Here is a 67 Hemi Charger that is being swallowed up by grass and weeds. This is the way it appeared at that web site along with the caption.

These were snapped just outside of Rochester, NY. They are amongst a whole bunch of wrecked Corvettes and old Chevy's. The Charger is reputedly a Hemi, at least whenever you ask the junkyard owner for anything off it he just says, "Not splitting that up - it's a Hemi!" It's also been there for a long time and is rusty as heck. Never got a chance to check the engine, too many snakes!
  Rotting American Muscle - Cars In Barns