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I'm in the process of putting the pics onto pages. There will be 10 thumbnail's to a page. Starting with the 66's on to the 67's. Because there are so many cars on this site (approx. 350 pics), it will make it easier for you to just click on a page and if you want to see a larger size just click on the pic. It will take awhile to get them all done so, please be bear with me.

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This site is dedicated to the 1966-67 Dodge Charger only. Although I have not owned my 67 Charger for over 20 years, it is still my favorite. The following pictures are ones that I have collected from all over the web. I've been collecting pics for a couple of years and felt other Charger lovers would appriciate all the pics I have put together. If anyone finds one that I do not have or if you want your Charger posted here, please send them to BigDaddy and I will add them to this page. It is not my intention to step on anyones toes, so if you own proof of copyright for any of these pics and object to their use please e-mail me and they will be removed immediately. If your car is posted here, I would love to here from you. One of these days I will get my own pics scanned and add them here also.

There were 37,344 1966 Chargers sold, only 468 with the 426 Hemi engine. The Charger came standard with a sturdy 318 V-8, then still new. The 2bbl 361 and 4bbl 383 were also options; the Hemi came in mid-year. The 318 Charger came standard with a 3-speed manual, and the bigger engines came with either a 4-speed manual or the Torqueflite automatic. The Charger did very well on the NASCAR circuit, winning the manufacturer's championship.

The 1967 version was essentially the same except for minor trim changes. The 361 was replaced with the 2bbl version of the 383 and the 375 hp 440 Magnum joined the option list. The Hemi was still available, but only 118 were produced with sales down to less than 15,000 units, the fastback wasn't a big hit in the marketplace.


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Submitted Pics

Wayne's 66 Donnie's 66 David's 67 Marc's 67 Curt's 67
Lori's 66 Donna's 67 Clayton's 66 Debbie's 67 & Terry's 66 Paul's 66
Stuart's 66 Cara's 66 Cody's 66 Mark's 67[new] Gord's 66[new]

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Dodge Charger R/T Concept

I know this is a 66-67 site but, You have to check out the new concept car!!
R/T Concept (Gorgeous pic)
Dodge Charger R/T Concept

Created on December 6, 1998 by BigDaddy

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